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Mediation & Problem Solving

Address problems and reach agreements before they impact your business

Mediation and problem solving services

Even with the most professional HR practices, problems will occur. It’s just the nature of doing business.

What sets the most forward-thinking businesses apart is the ability to handle issues tactfully and with outcomes that suit all parties; and not letting the problems escalate out of control.

We can help you investigate and solve major conflicts or problems – as well as introduce strategies to prevent them from occurring in the future.

HR consultant investigatingharassment, discrimination or bullying in the workplace.

Workplace investigation

Should there be an issue such as harassment, discrimination or bullying, it is important to have the matter dealt with swiftly by a qualified, experienced professional.

Collaborate HR will conduct interviews, meet with all involved parties and undertake an unbiased investigation that reduces any impact on the day-to-day business.

Conflict resolution

Unnecessary and unhealthy conflict often needs professional assistance – and may point to underlying problems.

We can mediate between parties and ensuring that employee rights are not violated, while also helping you implement a comprehensive conflict resolution procedure for the future.

HR consultants discussing employee rights.

HR consultant negotiate agreements with clients


We can mediate between your business and your clients or between your staff and management, helping you analyse problems, develop options, consider alternatives and negotiate mutually-beneficial agreements.

This all helps you remove the roadblocks to the growth of your business.

Performance management assistance

Struggling with an employee not working to their full potential? Sometimes the right training or mediation can help improve performance.

We help you diagnose the issue behind a poorly performing staff member, formulate a strategy for improvement with them and document the process to prevent legal backlash.

HR consultant helping employee reach their full potential.

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